Working Together Makes Sense!

Efficiency is a time and money saver and that’s why contractors and the union construction trades have started working more closely together — offering their clients the best quality workmanship with competitive bids. This partnership works for everyone involved by being efficient and flexible to produce the finest construction projects.

A “Free” Insurance Policy

The Partnership Agreement is a plan to have the builder, contractors and all union trades agreeing to work together on an individual project. The agreement will insure the most efficient work between management and labor when the client agrees to use a union workforce on the work site.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

As a client you will be getting:

    1. The most qualified and skilled labor in the area.
    2. Flexible common work days.
    3. Flexibility on apprentice to journeyman ratio.
    4. A guaranteed more productive workforce.

Because you are a signatory to these trades you will also be guaranteed there will be no work stoppages and absolutely no strikes on your construction project.

Tell Me More!

There are many more details and benefits to the Partnership Agreement. We hope you’ll take the time to find out more about this Agreement by calling our office at 507-288-6466. Calling us could be one of the smartest things you’ve ever done for your business.