Most people have never heard of an organization like ours and know very little about us, so we would like to take this time to introduce ourselves.

Construction Partnership Inc., formerly known as the Southern Minnesota Construction Partnership, is a non-profit organization that was formed in December of 1993. The local union labor trades and the local contractors sought each other out to establish this partnership that would end up benefiting everyone involved. The partnership was formed to be just that, a partnership between union labor and management working together to stay competitive in today’s construction market. This cooperative effort has meant competitive bids for builders while still being able to maintain the high standard of quality that union labor is famous for.

The Construction Partnership was originally created because of the increased competition in the construction field due to the contractors using more and more unskilled workers on building projects. They realized that by improving both productivity and teamwork they could give their clients a better product and increase their market share similar to the rebuilding of the U.S. auto industry.

The other thing they realized was that people needed to be informed and reminded about how well a union craftsman is trained before they arrive at the work site. To do this they created a marketing campaign designed to show the rigorous training the union craftsman goes through to learn his trade. The training also includes ongoing safety training.

The Construction Partnership, while relatively new, represents union contractors and union building trades each having a long and proud history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Construction Partnership operate?
We operate mainly in Southern Minnesota.

How can I contact Construction Partnership?
Go to our Contact and Locate sections for contact information.

How can I get information on apprenticeship programs?
Go to our Apprenticeships section for detailed information.

How can I get information on local contractors?
Go to our Contractors section for information.

How can I contact unions in Southern Minnesota?
Go to our Union Reps section for contact information of local union representatives.

Is there other places on the Internet where I can get more labor information?
For more information try this great site: