The International Association of Bridge, Structural & Ornamental Iron Workers was founded in 1896. The mission and purpose of the association is to provide skilled labor required for erecting structural steel, heavy rigging, place reinforcing steel, erect ornamental ironwork, and welding.

Nature of Trade
The trade of Ironwork involves working both at great heights and underground. It includes the fabrication, production, erection and construction of all iron, steel ornamental metals, bronze, etc., and the application of all sealants. The trade includes working on structural, ornamental and reinforcing ironwork.

Structural Iron Workers- Erect, assemble, or install fabricated metal products in the construction of industrial, commercial and large building. They erect the steel framework of bridges, buildings, and other structures including metal storage tanks and overhead crane runways that support heavy equipment. They also install steel decking, do riveting and welding operations.

Ornamental Iron Workers install metal stairways, catwalks, floor grating, iron ladders, metal wind sash and doors, grilles and screens, and banking equipment. They also install gates, as well as decorative iron work on balconies, etc.

Reinforcing Iron Workers set steel bars in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures. They place the steel bars on suitable supports in the concrete form and tie the bars together at intersections so that each bar receives its intended structural load.

Formal Training
The local apprenticeship program seeks to guarantee that all their members are properly trained and that they attain the skills necessary to uphold the standards of their craft. Ironworkers must complete a three year apprenticeship program where they receive training in the skill and safety requirements of the trades. Apprentices receive on-the-job training as well as extensive course work in such areas as safety, welding, structural work, reinforcing, rigging, and blue print reading. In addition, specialized training and certification programs are available to Journeymen. Local Iron Workers have received specialized training in such areas as hazard communication, foreman preparation, and manlift safety.

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